A downloadable #Walking simulator for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Out of the Game is essentially the Inception of video games, with lots of game-within-a-game madness. It takes place within a small dorm room inside a video game that you have to figure out how to escape. Littered around the room are various objects you can interact with and games that you can play, in which you may manage to find the keys that you need to escape.

Out of the Game is created for a month, by Shitao Fan and Yun Hao as a project for the Glasgow School of Art.


"It’s great fun discovering and experimenting with the various objects in the room and there are some great little surprises throughout."

Calum Fraser  Alpha Beta Gamer


Out Of The Game-Win64.zip 112 MB
Out Of The Game-Mac.zip 130 MB
Out Of The Game-Win32.zip 110 MB
Out Of The Game-Lin.zip 127 MB


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This game jus kept me confused all the way throughout 😭 great game tho, had fun playing it and eventually solving the puzzles!! Good work :)

Played your game in a little indie romp. This was intresting I had fun figuring out the mechanics. I hope you enjoy the video I made :)

Your game starts at 7:28

Hey thanks for putting so much time into this! I really appreciate the awesome video here!

This game was very interesting and entertaining.

Hi, mate! Thank you so much for your video! I like your commentary. It is very funny and emotive! haha!  I would say you are very very talent to go through this game just within 10 minutes!!! I was expecting that would be longer. 

Congratulation for the sucessfully "escape". Actually there are something behind the posters when you sit on the chair facing the laptop and Pong arcade, and the coffee on the desk are interactable! 

If you can see what is behind the poster and then play the game just as you have never played before, the whole game will make more sense;) But anyway, thank you so much for this video! Appreciate!

You're the best ShitaoFan!! Please keep me posted on your future projects.

No Linux version? :o Also, this game was not made in 3 hours, right? :D


Hi, I just uploaded the Linux version. Thanks for the kind reminding.True, it cost me more than 3 hours but it still mathchs most of the features of Jam rule, right? :D

The jam doesn't have strict rules, so yeah, you're good! :)


Please don’t tag your game for Ludum Dare unless you made it for Ludum Dare. Thanks!

Thanks for your kind reminding. Sorry for the mistagging.

Hi I really like your game, I'd love to interview you about it for my university assignment . Can I have your email to send you my questions

Hi Mirvat. I am glad you like it. Here is my email :


strange game but cool

HI, Thank you very very much for this video. I am appreciated for your patience to finish this game though it isn't supposed to be this way to "escape" the room due to the bug. The posters are able to flip back when you hold your right mouse, only when the camera fixed after you clicked on the chair in front of the laptop and  Pong Arcade. Sorry for the bad UI design. Now I realized it should include more visual guide to players. But thank you very very much again. I hope you enjoy the game. You are very welcome to play again cause it should to be more funny after you see what is behind the poster!

this bug but I believe that part of the game, but I would leave changing bugs as a possible final alternative of the game .. ok we will play again .. you have made a great idea of the game ... we see particular study of the fourth dimension of the player ... excellent idea ..